Sick Leave Entitlement

what are your employees entitled to?

Sick Leave

Sick leave becomes an entitlement after six months continuous service and the number of days varies with each employment agreement.

The minimum entitlement is 5 days currently but employees can negotiate more if this is acceptable to the employer. The minimum number of sick days can vary with a change in law.

Sick leave comes under the Holidays Act and recent changes to the Act require that employment agreements are worded carefully to meet the requirements of the Act.

There is now a provision for employees to request annual holidays to be taken if they run out of sick leave. This is to ensure a continuity of income in those cases where the entitlement to Sick Leave is exhausted but more are required.

Unused Sick Leave can now accumulate.

Given that employers lose production and the wages paid when employees are sick, some employers provide incentives for high attendance records.

There are many - and significantly important - rules that are covered in our eBook 'Annual Holidays and Leave'.

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