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Employment Agreement Updates

Published 10 May 2017

Our latest Employment Agreements are available now.

Following recent legislation changes and Court decisions several significant changes have been implemented throughout our range of Agreements.

Content changes include:

  • Easter Sunday trading;
  • Deduction clauses + deduction schedule;
  • Motor vehicle clause;
  • Smoke free environment;
  • Time & Hours of work clause group;
  • Zero Hours;
  • Availability Periods.

In addition to the legal changes, new functionality has been added to Schedule 1 (Personal Terms schedule).

There is now an interactive wizard to assist the user in customising the Personal Terms schedule based upon their clause selections and type of Agreement. On the schedules page of the Agreement creation section there is now a 'wizard' button next to schedule 1 which will pop-up the wizard and walk you through the options.

For more information on zero hours, standby availability periods and compensation please read this article, deductions are discussed further here.

All our Agreement Templates provided in the Employers Toolbox have been automatically updated already.
An upgrade is available for users of the Employment Contracts Creator software, this can be purchased on our upgrade offer page.